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Pumpkin Pie Pregame


Almost more fun than Thanksgiving day itself, the days that fall just before and after. Skipping out of work early, greeting out of town family and friends as they arrive back home, sharing good meals and lots of laughter over special occasion bottles of wine.

Like Wednesday night’s bottle of Kokomo Pinot Noir, purchased during our May vacation to Sonoma. It was my favorite Pinot of the trip, so I brought a bottle home for my dad on Father’s day. Just as delicious as I could recall! A Pinot that paired nicely with our main, a Lamb Tagine.

Pumpkin pie

And finally, a Thanksgiving Eve pumpkin pie pregame – because there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing (right?). We actually cheated here, although I’m very glad we did. As no one would volunteer to be the maker of this year’s pie, Mr. Heinen’s himself (or maybe one of his baker elves) made this one for us to enjoy at home. And it really was pumpkin pie perfection! We may never go the homemade route again. Which I think is okay because you can’t do it all, all the time now can you?

Brew Kettle

And in case that’s not enough, a ritual post-dinner voyage to The Brew Kettle for a few delicious craft brews and lots of catching up.

Oh the holidays… I love it all.

xo Beth


Fat Cats

Fat Cats

I have a new restauranty love that I’ve just got to share. Well, new to me and potentially some of you – Fat Cats has actually been around for years. 

Although when left in charge of the restaurant selection I’m always tempted to default to what I know and love, this Friday we were feeling adventurous. And so after a little research I chose Fat Cats, named by Bon Apetit magazine one of the best neighborhood restaurants in the country. Can’t argue that!

And now, I can see why. Casual cozy atmosphere with a gorgeous view of downtown, friendly service and scrumptious food. All in all our party of four enjoyed:

Appetizers: Butternut Squash Hummus and Charcuterie

(my) Entree: Shrimp with Red Curry – carrot, shiitake, zucchini, butternut squash ravioli, lime

Desserts: Morning Dew Apple Pie with cheddar crust and Lemon Crème Brulee

And a lovely bottle of Malbec to match.

Unique little twists on fairly common dishes – my favorite kind of menu. And the right amount of food, so we could taste lots without leaving stuffed. So now Fat Cats has quickly become one of my new choice restaurants in town. Let’s meet for dinner soon :).  

xo Beth

The Things I Love

Butter chicken

Well, well, here come the holidays. Unlike some people, I don’t mind a little Christmas before Thanksgiving. Christmastime is beautiful and magical and happy and I see no problem with pulling a little of that inspiration into life prior to indulging in a Thanksgiving feast.

The holidays are lovely because, among other reasons, they’re a wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy the things you love and often forget about. Like Indian Food? Oh yes. 

I just adore Indian food, such flavor! And it reminds me of our family in England because we all know how much those crazy Brits love their Indian takeaway. So I was very happy to give Cafe Tandoor a try the other night. Rich Butter Chicken, spicy Tandoori Lamb Masala, fluffy Saffron Rice and pillow soft naan. Indian food heaven.

Casino Breakfast
And breakfast! Like a really solid, leisurely long breakfast with friends who make you laugh.

I’d heard Horseshoe Casino’s breakfast buffet was quite the fancy feast and the rumors are true indeed. We’re only talking weekday breakfast here and it was an epic spread. Fresh and warm too, which we’ve got to expect from any good meal.  Plus $3 mimosas! Who says no to that. Bring your stretchy pants, plan for a nap – casino brunch is not the fanciest of brunches, but it sure is fun :). 

Streat Burger

And finally, a really good beer. I love craft beer although often ignore it since I also happen to love good wine and cocktails too (help). But happily Streat Burger leaves you with no choice, as beer is their only alcohol offering. But with a 99 Bottles of Beer menu, that’s quite alright! If you like (real) ginger ale then this Spiced Orange Ginger Beer by Crabbie’s has to be one of the best things I’ve tasted of late. What a refreshingly spicy brew!

Just an eclectic mix of a few of The Things I Love (and often forget). Happy *almost* Holidays dear reader.

xo Beth

Superior Pho


For a few weeks there, Cleveland had such a lovely Fall. Bright and sunny and it almost felt like Spring. I’ll take it. But then just like that, we were hit with rain and grayness and this morning – snow! Mother Nature is on fast forward lately.

But rain and snow are not so bad when they inspire coziness, especially cozy dishes. Like soup! Light yet filling, warming and comforting. And with so many variations, you can almost never get bored. Above, a delicious chicken noodle soup sans recipe. There was enough for several days of enjoyment, only a certain scatterbrain left it on the stove overnight. That was a lot of beautiful soup down the drain :(.

But nevermind, for it gave us a chance to try Superior Pho for lunch the following afternoon. And that was a very good move.


All in all, we tasted:

Banh mi thit – Vietnamese sandwich on a crispy French roll with homemade pate, roasted pork, cucumber, fresh herbs and mayonnaise sauce.

Goi cuon – Summer rolls with shrimp, fresh herbs, vermicelli noodles, wrapped in rice paper skin, served with peanut sauce.

Pho tai chin – noodle soup with well done brisket and eye-roundsteak.

The Banh Mi was fantastic, a great combination of flavors packed inside crispy soft French bread. Summer Rolls are Summer Rolls, fresh and light. I love them, especially dipped in that dreamy peanut sauce. And Pho, served quick and piping hot, packed full of tasty meat and soft noodles. Topped with plenty of Sriracha, guaranteed to make your nose run run :).

So yes! Superior Pho, a bit hard to find although very easy to enjoy. A soupy few days for sure.

xo Beth

Birthday Feasting

 bday weekend

October is a big month for my family as my mum and sister enjoy birthdays just a few days apart. So this past weekend called for a joint celebration, mostly in the form of lots of togetherness and (delicious) food. Louisa trekked home from DC, I made breakfast, my mum lunch and my dad dinner. Happy Birthday(s) indeed!

We began our Saturday with Eat, Live, Run’s Maple Nut Baked Oatmeal which is the stuff my breakfasty dreams are made of. I love breakfast, I have a lot. Especially delicious once cut into squares, dropped into bowls and drizzled with maple syrup and cream. Oh yes, happy Fall.

bday weekend2

Although my dad is an incredible cook, for me there is one recipe that tops them all. In that case, I request it every Fall. And this Fall, my mum took over. Delia Smith’s Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Melting Cheese. I mean, pumpkin soup is amazing in most any form but this soup takes the cake for sure. Once served, little hunks of gruyere are dropped into each bowl, which is then topped with homemade croutons, fresh parsley, creme fraiche and another sprinkle of cheese. As you pull each delicious spoonful out of your bowl, little hunks of melty cheese come too, for a savory-sweet-creamy-rich-Autumn overload. It is heaven.

And finally, Jamie Oliver’s Upside Down Fish Pie. Served with lots of white wine and followed by one very giant carrot cake for dessert (the birthday girls’ favorite), compliments of our dear friend Kate.

A delicious Saturday! Our little family, good food, good wine, good friends, lots of presents and lots of laughter. How much fun is that.

xo Beth

Streat Burger

Streat Burger2

Except for a perfect vanilla on vanilla cupcake, I’m definitely a non-traditionalist when it comes to food. The more creative the flavors and combinations, the more I want to try things and often, the more I love them. I especially adore really inventive twists on really classic foods. So as you can imagine, this totally unique Hawaiian waffle-burger combination was my foodie dream come true.

From the kitchen of Streat Burger in Lakewood, the former home of 56 West. I was sad when I found their doors closed a few months ago, so then very happy to see them reopen again recently. The menu is pick your own protein/base/style so really, the possibilities are endless. The first time we dined there I went more traditional but oh my did I regret that move when I spotted those waffle-burger works of art a few tables down. So tonight, a second chance.

Herb Turkey Burger-Masa Waffle-Pinapple mango relish, sesame teriyaki lardons, habanero aioli, sweet and spicy mustard, greens. A crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside waffle topped with a party of unique, fresh flavors. Oh yes! Everything I dreamed of.

All kinds of deluxe combinations means we can go again and again and never get bored. Although I think I could actually eat this exact combination again and again and never get bored either.

I’m sorry I went missing for a while. Changes are on the horizon – although one thing that never changes is the need to eat (delicious food). So let’s meet here again to talk about that and other things, soon.

xo Beth

Lago, Katz Club Diner and Marotta’s

Katz Diner

A weekend full of good food, fun company, lots of sunshine and lots of outdoor time is rather close to perfection if you ask me. Lucky for me, this weekend was just that :).

Starting with a Friday night dinner at the new Lago. I’d been to Lago at it’s old location in Tremont a few years ago and remember it being delicious, so I was eager to try out their new version in the Flats. Admittedly, the first impression was not great: It’s got a nightclub-lounge feel now, which is not exactly my desired restaurant atmosphere. And the menu and wine list are quite cluttered, making them a little hard to navigate. But beyond that, our olives and cheese were good to start and my main: LOBSTER GNOCCHI – Ricotta Gnocchi, Tomato, Sweet Corn, Basil, Truœffle Cream Sauce was just as divine as it sounds. Soft gnocchi, generous hunks of lobster, sweet corn and earthy truffle. Whoever dreamt up that combination has captured my foodie heart. We also had a nice visit from their sommelier after expressing some disappointment with our first glasses of wine and ended up with a really lovely bottle: Podere Sapaio 2009. All in all, I really enjoyed our meal and hope they do well in their new spot.

Saturday morning I found myself in breakfast heaven, with a thick stack of Katz Club Diner blueberry pancakes. Crispy on the outside, fluffy-light inside, full of juicy bursts of blueberry. Plus real maple syrup and a good cup of coffee and I couldn’t have been more content. Love that spot.

Acacia Preserve

With full bellies, we took a gorgeous stroll around the new Acacia Reservation – an old golf course turned trail across from Beachwood Place. An easy way to soak up some afternoon sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors.

Gordon Park

But then it was so nice, (and how much longer does that last?) we had to make one more outdoor stop: Lakefront Reservation to gaze at our extra sparkly Lake.

Followed by a long nap and a delicious piping hot, extra chewy pizza to-go from Marotta’s for supper.


And finally, a little Mitchell’s to shut it down. Don’t worry, that monster wasn’t mine  – although it makes for a pretty picture!

So yes, good food, fun company, lots of sunshine and lots of outdoor time. I could get used to you Cleveland :).

xo Beth