Glow at Cleveland Botanical Garden


December is flying by, much too fast for my taste. Between work and life, holiday preparations, visitors and visiting – there’s so much to enjoy and what seems like so little time to enjoy it! But as always, I’ve been determined to participate in a few extracurricular Christmas activities before they’re gone for another year.

Like Glow at Cleveland Botanical Garden. I love the garden and try to visit often – especially in the winter. A walk through the warm, outdoorsy interior feels like a nice little vacation from way too much indoor time. I’ve been to fun events such as Cocktails in the Garden and Orchids After Dark but never Glow. So I was happy for the experience this December.

A fun little browse in their lovely gift shop, followed by a long stroll through all sorts of beautifully decorated gingerbread houses and Christmas trees. And finally, a little walk through the greenhouses to see their beautiful poinsettias. So festive, so sparkly :).


My favorite, a Victorian Gingerbread. How absolutely lovely is that?

A delightful dinner followed, at Washington Place Bistro’s 2 for $40 Wednesday. Or in our case, 3 for $60 :). It is one impressive special! A shared appetizer and bottle of wine, plus one entree each. I enjoyed my pours of wine with a bowl of Cauliflower Bisque and then Shrimp and Grits. A stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal, perfect for this month of indulgence.

Amidst all the holiday hustle and bustle, the evening was a perfect reminder to occasionally stop and smell the roses (poinsettias), just because. How happy the holidays can be.

xo Beth


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