The Things I Love

Butter chicken

Well, well, here come the holidays. Unlike some people, I don’t mind a little Christmas before Thanksgiving. Christmastime is beautiful and magical and happy and I see no problem with pulling a little of that inspiration into life prior to indulging in a Thanksgiving feast.

The holidays are lovely because, among other reasons, they’re a wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy the things you love and often forget about. Like Indian Food? Oh yes. 

I just adore Indian food, such flavor! And it reminds me of our family in England because we all know how much those crazy Brits love their Indian takeaway. So I was very happy to give Cafe Tandoor a try the other night. Rich Butter Chicken, spicy Tandoori Lamb Masala, fluffy Saffron Rice and pillow soft naan. Indian food heaven.

Casino Breakfast
And breakfast! Like a really solid, leisurely long breakfast with friends who make you laugh.

I’d heard Horseshoe Casino’s breakfast buffet was quite the fancy feast and the rumors are true indeed. We’re only talking weekday breakfast here and it was an epic spread. Fresh and warm too, which we’ve got to expect from any good meal.  Plus $3 mimosas! Who says no to that. Bring your stretchy pants, plan for a nap – casino brunch is not the fanciest of brunches, but it sure is fun :). 

Streat Burger

And finally, a really good beer. I love craft beer although often ignore it since I also happen to love good wine and cocktails too (help). But happily Streat Burger leaves you with no choice, as beer is their only alcohol offering. But with a 99 Bottles of Beer menu, that’s quite alright! If you like (real) ginger ale then this Spiced Orange Ginger Beer by Crabbie’s has to be one of the best things I’ve tasted of late. What a refreshingly spicy brew!

Just an eclectic mix of a few of The Things I Love (and often forget). Happy *almost* Holidays dear reader.

xo Beth


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