Eastside, Westside

Maple Side

I love you Fall, please don’t go. Sadly, time seems to be flying, although not surprising given all that’s going on lately. My very best friend Emily and her two adorable boys are in town for two weeks. I’m dog sitting on the Eastside, but cruising back to the Westside every day to see Em. And back again! This is when a teleportation device sure would come in handy.

But I won’t complain about life being full of people and plans because that’s never a bad thing at all. Plus, all this back and forth allows for the best of both sides of town to find their way into my snack and mealtime rituals :).

Pop tart

On the Eastside: I read Cleveland Magazine’s ‘Best of Cleveland’ issue recently and of course took note of all of the Bests that I needed to check out for myself. Admittedly, they were all food-centric. Above you’ll see one of those delightful treats, a Katz Diner homemade pop tart. This one filled with cinnamon sugar, although I hear they come in a variety of flavors. Is it bad to admit I still love store bought pop tarts? Although I haven’t had one in a few years. This was of course much different and way better than that – so very adorable too. A more worthy splurge! Apple slab pie

On the Westside: Smitten Kitchen’s Apple Slab Pie, made by the talented Emily herself. Filled with apples from Mapleside after a daytime visit this week. You’ll see the view from the farm at the very top of this post and I think I love Ohio a little more every time I look back at that picture. We have the very best Falls for sure.

Also of note, Big Fun for nostalgic toy shopping with the kiddos, Piccadilly for the most wonderful fro yo in C-town (I say), Brew Kettle for some delicious craft beer and catch up conversations and two very delicious meals at Em’s brother’s restaurant, Spice. Eastside, Westside, I love it all. The drive is not so hot but the people on either end are more than worth it. The food’s pretty good too :).

xo Beth


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2 thoughts on “Eastside, Westside

  1. Crystal A. (@EatDrinkClev) November 10, 2013 at 3:31 pm Reply

    I totally agree! I never mind a drive across town for good food, friends and fun! That slab pie looks so good.

  2. Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, Snow Day Edition November 12, 2013 at 8:05 pm Reply

    […] #9 Beth at Craveable Cleveland has recently been making a lot of trips between both sides of the city. Although the drive’s not so fun, she shares her thoughts on what she loves about the Eastside, Westside. […]

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