I’m back, once again. It sure has been a vacation-heavy year and aside from one last weekend trip for a wedding, I’m ready to stay put in Cleveland! But how can you say no to an impromptu few days down in Florida with your best friend and her adorable little family? Especially when they’re moving soon. I just could not.

So on Tuesday I hopped on a plane and headed down to Pensacola to soak up some quality time with Emily, her husband John, Baby Wyatt and Eli and Maggie the Dog. We had a great time – visiting the splash park, sunning on the beach, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, swimming, biking, walking, talking, mixing cocktails and hanging out. There was perhaps a little too much Florida heat and too much good eating but isn’t that what vacations are for? :)


Our highlight meal was an Emily-Beth girls night at Iron. Em and her husband had been the week prior for birthday dinner and could not say enough about their amazing chicken. Chicken of all things! You may be skeptical, they were too and then so was I but holy moly, this was indeed the best, melt-in-your-mouth confit chicken, cornbread, beans and collards ever. We also indulged in some oysters to start and a cinnamon puff over orange pastry cream, topped with avocado ice cream to finish. All shared over a buttery bottle of Chardonnay and a whole lot of laughter about our ridiculous youth. Delicious. Florida5

The food was good but friends are so much better. Here’s me and my best buddy Wyatt, who was stuck like glue all week long. He is in the why, why, why phase which is at once exhausting and way too adorable. Before I left he gave me a ‘marriage ring’ of metal tape and I kind of never want to take it off :).

A fabulous week. No more vacations for a while – but this one sure was worth every second.

xo Beth


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