Aspen and Boulder


And just like that, 13 vacation days have come to an end. I feel rested and rejuvenated and ready to get back to reality…which is a pretty good way to say goodbye. But before I do, let’s capture the memories.

I’d never been to Colorado before, which made this trip especially exciting. I love exploring new territory! Especially right here in the good old USA, because who knew we have so many ah-mazing, diverse landscapes right here at home?

We began our adventures in Aspen, which you’ll see pictured above. Our condo was in a perfect location, which made it easy to do lots of exploring around town. Although I hardly fit in the land of the rich and famous, it was still lots of fun to look around and dream of one days :). How could it not be with this awe-inspiring backdrop?

We watched the USA Pro Challenge, ate good food, drank amazing wine and soaked up the good life for a few days of fun-filled bliss. I can only imagine how beautiful Aspen is capped in fresh white snow.


From Aspen, we spent the bulk of our trip in Boulder, which is a pretty awesome town. It’s partially hippy, partially very wealthy – full of unique shops, good food, lots of wine lovers, adorable homes and of course those breathtaking mountains everywhere you look.


The photographs you see here are from a very gorgeous afternoon hike through Estes Park. Environmentalist or not so much, you’ve got to love Mother Nature when surrounded by this kind of majesty.


Sadly our afternoon march came to a close a little early as PM thunderstorms rolled in and spoiled the fun. Storms seemed to happen around the same time each afternoon in CO. And although that was a bit of a bummer, a cloudy background sure makes for some beautiful images.


And for your last sample of Boulder’s beauty, the top of Flagstaff Mountain, above. Some of us cycled to the top, some of us were driven :). However you arrive, it makes you pretty thankful for this lovely life and all of it’s many blessings.

Good food among them. Let’s talk about that next time. It’s good to be back!

xo Beth



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