Zack Bruell at Cleveland Clinic Farmers Market

Farmers Market2

Aren’t Farmers Markets the best? Always full of fresh, local, incredibly tasty food and the people who work hard all year to deliver it to us. Farmers Market peaches and tomatoes in the summertime have to be two of my favorite foods on this earth. What a difference from grocery store produce! I think I never really knew what nature intended those two to taste like before I bought them local.

And yet, since moving back to Cleveland last fall, I’m ashamed to say I’ve not visited one Farmers Market! That’s way too many peaches and tomatoes missing from my mouth. So I’m glad to have had the opportunity to change that this past week.

Cleveland Clinic’s Farmers Market welcomed Zack Bruell, chef and restaurateur of five Cleveland restaurants, to demonstrate cooking and offer food sampling using produce purchased at the market. They kindly invited me along to watch and I happily braved the summertime heat to attend.

Bruell demonstrated Farmers Market Gazpacho and Chilled Pasta Primavera with Pesto to his little crowd of market shoppers and spectators. And of course, they were delicious! Simple, fresh, flavorful and best of all chilled, which was very welcome in the 90-something temperatures. I also enjoyed their live music and a leisurely stroll through the vendors, where I found my beloved peaches (no tomatoes!), some cherries and a divine handmade raspberry basil popsicle that hit the spot/melted all over my dress.

The market is open weekly, Wednesday from 10:30AM-1:30PM at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus near E. 100th Street, between Euclid and Carnegie Avenues. Perhaps I will see you there.

Thank you to the Cleveland Clinic for the information/invitation. Opinions are of course, all my own.

xo Beth


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