Cleveland in July


So far so good for a stay-at-home month in July. My bank account thanks me, I’ve been able to revisit a few CL favorites and I’ve come to appreciate a whole bunch of new-to-me spots around town as well.

All have been a blast and I’m really happy to finally take advantage of attractions in the backyard of my hometown after spending much of the last 10 years elsewhere. It sure makes me appreciate how many resources CL has to offer, especially considering the amazingly low cost of living.

Now of course you can’t get up to all that fun without some fuel, so I’ve been eating all kinds of delicious food too. Although Cleveland or beyond, what’s so new about that :).


This week, Melt for mushroom grilled cheese, garlic tomato soup and hoppy pints of IPA, Lucky’s for the curried tofu Canoewreck, salty-sweet pecan crusted bacon (heaven) and the best homemade toast and jam. At home, barbequed everything, including sockeye salmon, Rick Bayless chicken tacos with tomatillo salsa and huevos rancheros with the leftovers. Plus Dairy Queen soft serve vanilla with crunch coat – because no matter how much of a grown-up foodie you’d like to be, you should never resist a classic summer treat :).

Oh and really giant lobster tails from Heinen’s, of which I ate a whole one all by myself and I don’t feel even a little sorry.

June travels were so much fun. Cleveland in July has been pretty scrumptious too.

xo Beth


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