Geneva on the Lake


The greatest thing about my wacky work schedule is lots of time off, which is especially enjoyable in the summer months. Particularly, the two or three days this summer that Cleveland’s been without rain :). The weekday off + rain-free combo is one that must always be taken advantage of!

So this week take advantage we did, by venturing out to Geneva on the Lake.  It was in the 70’s and sunny, even better than your usual July day. The original plan was to venture back to Mentor Headlands beach for a second time, but then it was decided that 15 more minutes in the car would take us to Geneva and how can you say no to something new.

The main drag of Geneva is pretty hokey if you ask me, kind of similar to the Jersey Shore pier we’ve all seen on TV in that show I’ll never admit to watching. But also charming, in a way that makes you want to eat Dairy Queen soft serve with that magical crunch coat while partaking in some entertaining people watching :).

Once that fun was over, a walk down to the nearby water. It may not have been the most beautiful color due to non-stop ferocious rain storms of late, but you can’t deny it’s still a pretty gorgeous scene. So close to home! Who knew.


And finally a quick drive to Geneva State Park for a little beach blanket chillaxing. Couldn’t you just do that all day?

I realize that Geneva is also home to many Ohio wineries and while I’m sure they’re no California vineyard I’ll bet they’re still tons of fun! It’s mostly about being in a beautiful setting with a few good friends and a splash of alcohol anyway, no? So a return visit is a must very soon for sure. Anyone want to join me for a little sweet wine in the summertime? :)

xo Beth


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2 thoughts on “Geneva on the Lake

  1. Jess @ Anchored in CLE July 13, 2013 at 8:59 pm Reply

    I loved going to Ferrante Winery in Geneva and have been wanting to take a trip back to visit the many other ones in the area! :)

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