Happy Fourth, Cleveland

July 4-2

Friends, Happy Independence Day weekend. I hope you’ve had a blast! Even though I’m bummed that my first summer back in Cleveland has been a rainy-wet mess, it’s not put much of a damper on summertime fun. This weekend has been filled to the brim with good food, fun activities and the people I love the most. What else could a girl ask for?

It all began July 3rd, when we decided to pop downtown and see the Tall Ships. Poor planning maybe, because none of the ships were actually sailing by the time we arrived…and none were actually accessible for touring either. But never mind! It was just neat to stroll around the lake, enjoy a little people watching and soak in a good evening. Plus, seeing a few of the docked ships through a metal fence is almost the same thing, right?

Afterwards, we walked up to the Cleveland Convention Center and took in views of downtown from the lovely new green space. So nice! I can hardly believe it’s built on a roof. I’d call it a must-see if you haven’t taken advantage yet.

And after all that walking, a delicious late-night Happy Hour dinner at Lolita, which totally knocked my socks off. Mussels in a chorizo, garlic and parsley broth with crusty French bread for $5, burgers with bacon, fried egg, cheddar and onion for $5 and $4 glasses of wine. I was starving, dinner hit the spot and our bill was less than $30. How amazing is that! Thanks Michael Symon.

July 4-4

July 4th itself, we welcomed my little sister Louisa back to Cleveland with a yummy BBQ at my parent’s house. The above shrimp dish to start, followed by grilled steak and mushrooms, corn on the cob, scalloped potatoes and a big bowl of salad. Plus a red, white and blue berry pavlova to finish. Served with good wine, always wine. Not a bad way to mark the occasion, if you ask me :).

July 4-3

And Friday night a delightful-as-always family dinner at Spice. Cocktails, mushroom beignets and polenta chickpea fries to start, because we can’t have a meal at Spice without them. Wine and pan-seared walleye for the main event and shared plates of strawberry-rhubarb panna cotta and a skillet of blueberry corn cake with crème fraiche ice cream to shut it down.

Feeling pretty thankful for life in the US and all it can offer on this very delightful Holiday weekend :).

xo Beth


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