There are some places in this world I love, mostly just for the people. Ontario is a fine place, but the reason I just can’t keep away is because I met some of my favorite people in the world there, who remain today.

10 years ago (what.) I started college life at the University of Western Ontario and met my lovely roommates and soon-to-be life long friends on our dorm floor. I didn’t know a single person in the country when I arrived, so how lucky am I to find people who made settling in so much fun.


This weekend – a roommate reunion! Mostly a whole lot of white wine, homemade food, hanging out, soaking up the outdoors and laughing our faces off. And maybe a little arm wrestling, a tradition we began 10 years ago and refuse to break even though the results are always the same and my right arm is now very sore :).

Food pics are hard to come by this time, but Saturday night we enjoyed the BEST last supper: Orzo, pancetta, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, olive oil and fresh basil. Simple and full of awesome ingredients, which made for one very delicious dish.

Much like our simple weekend, full of very awesome people and one very delicious round of roommate fun :).

xo Beth



4 thoughts on “Canada

  1. Katykate June 5, 2013 at 1:24 am Reply

    Whoa!! Why is this the first time I have heard about arm wrestling??? K

    • craveablecleveland June 5, 2013 at 8:44 pm Reply

      hahaha – it is something we try to keep quiet :). not a classy sport!!

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