Amelia Bedelia’s Supper

The Weekend2For the last two weeks I’ve been sitting my kitten-niece, Amelia Bedelia, while my sister was away in Hawaii. She’s absolutely adorable…although a little too much trouble for her own good. But it was a nice excuse to see Louisa as she dropped off and picked up my pest of a babysitting charge on her way to and from far more exotic locations.

Louisa arrived back in town on Friday and last night we gathered for a delightful meal, along with our parents and a few good friends. It was multi-chef collaboration that resulted in one very decadently delicious Saturday night dinner!

The Weekend4

We enjoyed three awesome wines over the course of the evening: Trump’s Cru sparkling white as our aperitif, Twomey Sauvignon Blanc with our main and Bouchane Pinot Noir with dessert. I certainly do not drink that well every night. Luxury!

For our main, my dad made one extremely gorgeous paella, paired with a lovely fresh salad from our friend Diane.

The Weekend

The paella most definitely tasted at least as good as it looks. So if you love that vibrant photo as much as I do, it should tell you something :).

Post-supper we cracked open our third bottle and took a brief intermission while Louisa and I went to town on dessert. While in Hawaii Louisa enjoyed the chocolate lava cake of her life. We heard allll about it. So for our Saturday night pudding, it seemed only fitting to recreate our own.

Luckily, my idol Joy the Baker has an epic recipe for a Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake in her new cookbook. We made seven :). They were absolutely dreamy – super rich in the best, most molten chocolaty way possible. Served with a scoop of local Mitchell’s vanilla bean ice cream melting over top, spilling out a delicious pool of chocolate with each dip of the spoon. They were a perfect ending to a great night.

And now my little sis is back home in DC and I miss her already. And Amelia too. Kind of, not really. Of course I do ;).

xo Beth


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2 thoughts on “Amelia Bedelia’s Supper

  1. Crystal W. (@EatDrinkClev) April 29, 2013 at 11:53 am Reply

    Kittens are so wild I’m sure your 2 weeks was filled w/ countless adventures! That meal looks divine – especially that paella…swoon

  2. Sarah April 30, 2013 at 4:48 pm Reply

    That lava cake looks DELISH!

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