West Side Market + GLBC

West Side Market4

What a gorgeous weekend!

It may not feel like full-time Spring just yet but we definitely had a nice taste of what’s to come. And Mother Nature’s timing could not have been more perfect, as it’s been a long Easter weekend for many. So Friday seemed like the perfect day for a shopping trip to The Westside Market, to soak in the spring sunshine and shop for Easter feasting. And in sizing up the crowd, it seemed like most of the rest of Cleveland had the same idea too.

West Side Market

Of course, I adore the Westside Market. It’s vibrant and bustling and full of rich Clevelandy life. I also love food too much and there’s more than enough of that tucked into every inch! This was my first time visiting since the fire and it was great to see such a supportive crowd.

As much as I love it, between the multitude of vendors and customers it does get overwhelming quickly! In that case there are a few things that I like to make a beeline for before crowd anxiety gets to be too much.

  1. Pierogi Palace – peanut butter and banana pierogies
  2. Mediterra Bakehouse – olive farm loaf
  3. Rita’s – goat cheese stuffed olives
  4. Maha’s Falafil – spicy falafil and baba wrap
  5. Theresa’s Bakery – filled to order cannoli

West Side Market3

But if we do manage forgo the falafil, then popping across the street and into Great Lakes Brewing Company for lunch and a brewski is the very best West Side Market tradition of them all.

West Side Market5

And so that was Friday. Any other WSM favorites to add? I always welcome suggestions :).

xo Beth


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2 thoughts on “West Side Market + GLBC

  1. Jen @ Why CLE? April 1, 2013 at 12:10 am Reply

    Some WSM faves: Pinzone’s Meats, Kate’s Fish, Noodlecat, and the apple fritters.

  2. Jess @ Jess{ly} in Cleveland April 1, 2013 at 1:57 am Reply

    I love the Dichotomy popcorn at WSM. Can’t remember the name of the vendor though, but it’s SO GOOD. I have never been to GLBC before, adding that to my ever-growing list of things I need to do in CLE :)

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