MOCA Cleveland + CLE Clothing

MOCA Cleveland

Usually foodie pictures are what I just melt for but right now, this one is getting me :).

Anyway. Today I decided to take myself on a little field trip to cross a few more items off my CL Bucket List. You may notice that in typical Beth fashion I’ve managed to check quite a few places in the ‘Eat’ column and yet only one in ‘See & Do’. Time to change that!

My first stop was to the newly-opened Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. I love contemporary art museums, more so than the standard variety. Even if I’m not quite cool enough to get it, I think the art is so uncomfortably wacky it’s just fascinating. Plus it was fun to wander around University Circle and dream of the day I can afford to live there.

I had a great afternoon browsing through the exhibits and enjoying their beautiful building. Afterwards I stopped into the gift shop because if we’re honest, my favorite display in any museum is the one I can buy :).

And look what I found!

MOCA Cleveland2

How perfect is this book? (Re)Discovering is just what I need to do.

Next stop was CLE Clothing. I was so excited when I heard about this place, a whole shop filled with love-for-Cleveland merchandise. I browsed around and around before settling on this beautiful handmade necklace.

CLE Clothing

I just love it.

And so that was my day. Walking/driving around made me realize just how much more there is to see and do and although I am feeling rather cranky over this endlessly frosty weather, I’m really looking forward to the coming warmth when there will be even more to explore.

All this (re)discovering is so much fun :).

xo Beth



3 thoughts on “MOCA Cleveland + CLE Clothing

  1. Jess @ Jess{ly} in Cleveland March 28, 2013 at 2:55 pm Reply

    That book looks awesome! I need to check it out. And I adore Cle Clothing Co! They have such good stuff. I also love Native Cleveland – where they sell Cle Clothing Co & tons more Cle stuff.

  2. rachel March 28, 2013 at 9:36 pm Reply

    I love cle clothing! i work across the street and its hard not to stop in every day! cute necklace :-)

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