New York City, Part II


If at first you don’t succeed, wake up early, accept that your iPhone is a better navigator than you and try again to get Late Show tickets. Which is exactly what we did first thing on morning number three.

While waiting to hear if we’d been selected for that night’s show, Amber and I headed over to Chelsea Market to do some exploring of that foodie-crafty paradise. We had a delicious breakfast sandwich at Friedman’s Lunch and then spent hours wandering around the adorable shops.


A few months ago I read a fantastic memoir, Paris My Sweet, which highlights the best of Paris and New York’s confectionary offerings. As I’ve been cursed blessed with an intense love of all things sugar, I was practically dying over the author’s delicious recommendations. So of course while in NYC, I had to stop and enjoy something on her list. A chocolate chip cookie and hot chocolate from Jaques Torres were divine and had me hopped up on plenty of sugar for our next adventure.


We made it in the audience!! When my phone rang with the news Amber and I celebrated like we’d been picked to star on the show ourselves. While of course that wasn’t true, we had a blast, front and center in the third row watching special guest Jim Carey. So it was all worth it in the end. And failing so miserably the day before made our victory that much sweeter. Funny how that works :).

Our final night in New York was spent in Brooklyn and I am so in love. We dined on delicious curry at Bia before heading to Bembe for drinks and The Woods to shake our tail feathers until 5AM. I loved the vibe of the area and am almost sad we didn’t go until our final night. But it was the perfect way to say goodbye.

And on our final day, a nice long but very cold walk through The High Line, a beautiful and very unique park floating above the city. We enjoyed our last meal at Le Grainne Cafe in Chelsea and the French toast was all I could want and more.



I had a BLAST in New York. Amazing food, amazing drinks, amazing fun with an amazing friend. I am loving life right now and have to thank New York for being part of that feeling :).

xo Beth


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3 thoughts on “New York City, Part II

  1. Amanda @ Clue Into CLE March 17, 2013 at 6:22 pm Reply

    I loved reading about your trip to NYC. It’s been awhile since we visited – and I completely agree with you. I can take a couple days of it at most without losing my mind.

  2. […] after Chicago and CL birthday celebrations and Charlottesville and New York, it is true that my body could use a few more vegetables and a few less excuses to celebrate…well […]

  3. craveablecleveland March 21, 2013 at 2:16 pm Reply

    Yes, day one I swear I’m moving there, day three I swear I’ll never leave home again :)

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