Aren’t mini-vacation weekends the best? I try to keep lots on the calendar each year as they’re the perfect little bridge to keep life interesting when bigger vacations are still months away (tough life). This weekend’s mini-break took me on a road trip to Chicago to visit my brother Rich. It’s cold as winter in Chicago there, go figure, but it’s always nice to spend time with my favorite big bro. And let’s face it, it’s not like cold temps are much of an adjustment to a Clevelander like me :).

We had what was quite possibly my most favorite meal in Chicago ever on Friday night at a little gem called Lula Cafe. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before but I had not, although after extensive research about where to get some genuinely delicious Chicago food I was not disappointed one bit.

Highlights include beet and goat cheese bruchetta; whole grilled blackback flounder with creamy cabbage and poppy seed, crawfish noisette and pancetta; and finally a deep dish, super creamy banana dulce de leche pie that was likely the most gorgeous pie I’ve ever consumed in this lifetime. I’ve sworn to find a way to recreate it here so I can enjoy a full pie slice of my own :).


Me and Rich

Saturday was spent popping in and out of the apartment, mostly hanging out, cooking and watching TV. Some of us even took a nap.


Charlotte says: Technology is exhausting

And in the evening we enjoyed some very delicious food, including that all-star Peanut Butter Birthday Cake. But before that,


Mango, avocado and red onion salad


Spicy cous cous with roasted root vegetables

And in case you’re wondering, I just love Tim Hortons, so that was an exciting road trip find. The little things, you know? :)

Good food, good wine, great company. Just perfect.

xo Beth


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